Open your laboratory with Kalstein products

At a time when many brilliant medical or biology graduates have difficulty finding a job satisfactorily, opening an analysis laboratory can be a cost-effective solution.

Now, the equipment and materials you will need to consider for your complete clinical analysis laboratory: microscope, centrifuge, microcentrifuge, bain-marie, photometer, hematology equipment, culture stove, tube shaker, plate shaker, cell counter.

Of course these materials are considered among the most basic, but they are not the only ones you will need to have to operate completely. However, at Kalstein we give you the list of products you will need and we can also provide you with our own:

Pylon mortar: grinds solid substances.

Spatula: removes solid substances from the bottle where they are.

Glass rod: mixes and stirs substances.

Clock glass: it transports and weighs small solid substances.

Petri dish: cultures for bacteriology.

Wooden clasp: test tube holder.

Double nut: holds supports such as bunsen and ball clamps.

Rack: supports the test tubes.

Crucible clamp: hold crucibles.

Universal support: assembly of various laboratory equipment.

Pipe triangle: Hold the crucible while heating it with the lighter flame.

Asbestos Cloth: holds glass containers to be heated.

Tripod: holds the Asbestos fabric.

Balloon flask: heats liquids whose vapours cannot be in contact with the heat source.

Distillation balloon: heats liquids whose vapours must follow an obligatory path.